EarthGuard High Performance Tooling Resins

EarthGuard High Performance Tooling Resins

The EarthGuard High Performance Tooling Resins are designed to meet the stringent
Requirements of the Marine and Transportation markets.

These Resins are formulated with a unique Low HAP chemistry. They are MACT
Compliant and meet all current Federal regulations regarding emissions.

EarthGuard Tooling Resins have many high performance features:

  • Low HAP, MACT compliant
  • Low odor and less overspray
  • Minimal shrinkage resulting in low profile surface.
  • High heat distortion temperature.
  • Fast Wet-Out with excellent application properties.

EarthGuard Resins will give your FRP molds superior strength and low profile
cosmetics that are unmatched by other products available on the market.

EG2500 Vinyl Ester Hybrid Technical Data SDS
EG3000 Vinyl Ester High Temperature Technical Data  SDS
EG4000 Plus Low Profile Filled Resin Technical Data SDS
EG4500 Low Profile Tooling Resin Technical Data SDS
EG4550 Low Profile Infusion Resin Technical Data SDS