EarthGuard Diamondback Tooling Gel Coat

EarthGuard Diamondback Tooling Gel Coat

The EarthGuard Diamondback Tooling Gel Coats are formulated specifically to
meet the stringent requirements of the Marine and Transportation markets.

These coatings are vinyl ester urethane hybrids with a unique low hap chemistry.
They are MACT Compliant and meet current Federal regulations regarding emissions.

EarthGuard Tooling Gel Coats have many high performace features:

  • High gloss and superior chemical resistance
  • High heat distortion temperature.
  • Excellent cure with good barcol development
  • User friendly

If you want the highest quality finish for your FRP molds the EarthGuard
Diamondback Gel Coat is the answer. No other Tooling Gel Coat compares.

Polycryl Tooling Gel Coat Application Data Application Guide
Standard Vinyl Ester Gel Coat High Temperature Vinyl Ester Gel Coat
  Y-501 Orange Technical Data SDS   Y-602HT Orange Technical Data SDS
  G-501 Green Technical Data  SDS   G-602HT Green Technical Data SDS
  B-501 Black Technical Data  SDS   B-602HT Black Technical Data SDS
  C-501 Clear Technical Data  SDS  
Refinishing Vinyl Ester Tooling Gel Coat
  PPS-Y-610 Orange Technical Data SDS      
  PPS-G-620 Green Technical Data  SDS      
  PPS-B-630 Black Technical Data  SDS