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Polycryl Only Gel Coat Company to
Cater to the Tooling Industry

by Alexandria Lopez

If you’re involved in the tooling industry, it’s likely that you’re familiar with Polycryl Corporation. Polycryl bears the unique distinction of being the first gel coat company ever founded to create product strictly for the tooling industry. The concept behind Polycryl first took root decades ago, when company owner Dick Davis began his career in the manufacturing industry.

“When I was involved in manufacturing, I spent extensive time in the tooling shops,” Davis said. “I found it to be a very interesting and challenging area of manufacturing.” When he founded Polycryl in 1993, the company’s initial core business involved producing metal flake for the bass boat industry. Over time, Polycryl segued into its current focus: manufacturing low-HAP/low-VOC MACT-compliant hybrid tooling gel coats, tooling resins and Z-Thane Perfect Surface Barrier Coat systems for the marine and transportation industries.

In layman’s terms, a tool is a mold used to cast parts for various products. “It takes a mold to make a boat — you have to have a mirror image of the hull and deck that you want your boat to look like,” Guy Harkness, Polycryl sales representative, explained. “The parts come off of that mold, or off of that tool. Polycryl makes the liquid products used to make the molds that are used to make the parts.” In the marine industry, new molds are built on a yearly basis, which utilize Polycryl’s products for the highest quality of tool possible.

Though several other companies had approached Polycryl regarding national distribution, Polycryl chose to work exclusively with NAC due to the company’s representation in all 50 states.

Davis’ years of experience in the manufacturing industry prompted him to make a product that would surpass all other marketplace offerings. “They wanted to specialize and be the best they could possibly be in one specific area,” Tom Bush, NAC’s North Central district manager, remarked. “They’ve come out with a product that does a spectacular job.” Harkness attested that Polycryl is unparalleled in performance quality and unique presence. “No other companies focus entirely on these types of products.”

Not only do Polycryl’s products benefit consumers, but they are environmentally friendly as well. The company’s gel coats, resins and barrier coats are low-HAP (hazardous air pollutant) and low-VOC (volatile organic compounds). They also comply with MACT (maximum achievable control technology) standards, which have been put into place to reduce the emission of pollutants. “The products are low-odor; they’re very low-shrink. They meet all of the environmental rules and regulations,” Harkness confirmed.

NAC is Polycryl’s only distribution partner carrying the entire line of the company’s products. Though several other companies had approached Polycryl regarding national distribution, Polycryl chose to work exclusively with NAC due to the company’s representation in all 50 states. “We’re excited about the opportunity that NAC brings to the table with the representation that they have nationally,” Davis confided. “It’s a good fit for us.” Though the partnership began recently, both companies are pleased with the blossoming relationship. “It’s been excellent so far,” Bush remarked. “We’re just at the infancy right now, but I’m certain that as the partnership goes on, it will become even stronger.”

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